Underdog 15th Birthday Party - 12 September 2008


Marc greeting arrivals at the
Underdog Offices

Guests arriving at SoulSA in Melville for the party

Anne Williams of Wide Shot Productions

Lars Schwinges with Hannelie Bekker of Telkom Media and Luiz DeBarros

Ntsako Radebe and partner, Arthur Tibor Hendric with Megan Badenhorst. Alongside are Erouda and Colin Reddiar

Fanuel Motsepe & Friend

Nhlanhla Ndaba and Fanney Tsimong of Doti Producxionz

Lars Schwinges and Judi Nwokedi

Jabulani Msimanga

Joel Assaizky and Kerryn Potgieter

David James, Jane Lipman and Terence Bridgett

Everyone joins in the fun

The loveLife table

From Comfort Creations – Sabine Linkenheil, Jessica van Dyk and Gail Venter and her husband

Cofield Mundie & Brendan Durie Performing

Celebrity performers Cofield Mundi and Brendan Durie in SoulSA for the Underdog Party

The stylish Underdog party filled up the entire venue at SoulSA

Eric Smith, Rosalyn Butler, Mike van der Merwe, Marize and Craig Schlenter

Marc Schwinges and Erouda Reddiar

Keke Setai, Jacqui Rainers, friend, Bronwen Shaw and Thandi Mhlangeni

Justina Govender, Karmen Naidoo, Lushen Pather, Dylan Moss

The scrumptious food being served

Marize and Craig Schlenter, Angus MacArthur, Eric Smith and Rosalyn Butler

Henk Ekermans and Anne Williams cheer for Cofield

AMBP & loveLife Table

Upstairs at SoulSA

Ntsako Radebe chats to Bev Clayton while Nomali Dube flirts with the camera. Arno Durandt and partner alongside

Marc Schwinges eloquently delivers a heartfelt speech at the party

Thomas Roets and his wife

Arno Durandt and partner with Karen Landsberg, Megan Badenhorst, Christopher Dudgeon, Arthur Tibor Hendric and Ntsako Radebe drink a toast to Underdog

Luiz deBarros

Bianca le Grange of Idols fame and Rocky Grech

Bianca le Grange performing

Bianca le Grange at SoulSA

It wasn’t long before Bianca le Grange had everyone dancing

Bianca le Grange gives a power-house performance

The party goers are on their feet

Ntsako Radebe, friend, Lars Schwinges, Arthur Tibor Hendric

Upstairs and downstairs – the party was hot!

Table decor
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