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Underdog facilitated Stand Up Planet filming on its South African Leg of the series. Location and shooting.

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The client had this to say:

"Dear Marc,

What can I say? Working with you on Stand Up Planet, the documentary project in Johannesburg was a truly amazing experience. Whenever I have to work in city or country that is unfamiliar territory for me in the world of film and video production I try to find the best person/company to partner with that will make me feel comfortable and as if I was filming at home in San Francisco. For my shoot in Johannesburg, you and Underdog Productions were that person and company.

From the moment I had my first conversation with you about the project, I knew that we would work well together. You discussed all details with a methodical approach making sure that all aspects of the upcoming production were thoroughly considered. Once we agreed on a budget you immediately went ahead and did a pre scout of all our locations in Soweto, Orange Farm and all parts of Johannesburg. Not only did you photograph the locations you also met with some of our subjects and made them feel at ease about this American film crew coming to visit them with comedians. You secured the proper accommodations for our crew making them feel at ease so they could focus on the project.

The South African crew you hired and organized for us could not have been better. Every position was well thought out from 2nd camera operator to production assistants. Each person was selected to fill a spot in the crew that would enhance our traveling crew to achieve a higher level of production. The local crews knowledge of several local languages was integral to our success of filming in areas that were not usually open to foreign crews filming there. One production assistant in particular was able to get personal video releases from every person she spoke with, which is hugely important when working on documentary and reality projects. We had the finest security team. They seamlessly kept us protected in a way that there was never a barrier separating us from the city of Johannesburg, but they were always right there ready to help or act.

But Marc the most exciting part about working with you was your knowledge and depth of contacts in South Africa. No matter where the location was or what the production issue was, you knew who could get us access or solve the problem. When I found out at the end of my day that my camera man was limited to two bags on his flight on the national airlines, when he was suppose to travel with eight camera cases, I emailed you with an urgent message. When I woke up the next morning there was a flurry of emails in my inbox and the problem was resolved. When we needed access to Freedom Day festivities in Pretoria, no problem, media passes for the full crew. You secured a film permit that allowed us to film all through out the Gauteng Province for our complete stay. When we needed to make last minute arrangements with a famous South African comedian, no problem, you called and since you had worked with him in the past it was handled flawlessly. The reason why all of these things are possible is because of your wonderful reputation that you have built over the years of your working in film and video and involvement in endless organizations in South Africa. For me traveling to a foreign country to work on a complex project that involved comedy and NGO’s it was all a beautiful thing. "

Kevin Hayes | Freelance producer, San Francisco

"Marc, Thank you so much for all the great work on the South Africa portion of our shoot for Stand Up Planet. Your professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility were integral in getting our shots. And your hospitality made us feel right at home. I think you may need to change your company name from UnderDog to TopDog. Sincerely, Mark"

Mark Decena | Owner, Kontent Films

Kevin Hayes | Freelance producer, San Francisco

"Heading to Joburg, we had some trepidation about the random crime, hold ups and the fact that we wanted to go into some tough territory. We knew we were in good hands with Marc Schwinges and Underdog. Not only was our large production team safe--we were able to turn to Marc for advice on locations, local staffing, logistics, the works. We didn't lose a single piece of equipment or a minute's sleep because we were in such good hands. Marc put together an on-the-ground team that was simply terrific! We are still in touch with many of our PA's today. To top it all off, Marc even hosted a “braai" for us on our last evening in town...and a safari for our talent/host! That's great producing. We'd work with Marc again in a heart beat."

Wendy Hanamura | Exec. Producer, Stand Up Planet



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