FORMAT DOCUMENTARY SERIES: 6 x 52 – multiple seasons

Africa is seen as the next big growth continent, but what makes it tick from its own point of view?

Born from a group of South African filmmakers who attended HotDocs in 2012, at a brain storm session with respected European broadcasters including YLE Finland, the African Eyes initiative’s goal is for Africans to tell African stories, collaborating across the continents language, cultural, and geographic boundaries.

The resultant stories will be uplifting, engaging, creative, transformational, educational and vibrant.

Proposals are currently being accepted from all over Africa via the projects web site:, and will then be selected by African Eyes partners from Hot Docs, DISCOP, and the projects international and African advisory boards. The initiative is being run by three experienced South African producers, Marc Schwinges, Michael Lee and Leli Maki as African Eyes Productions, together with a renowned European co-producer, under the guidance of a respected board in a non-profit corporation, The African Eyes Foundation.

The first series of character-driven documentaries to be produced by the initiative will be 6 TV parts, with transmedia components, from a development process of 12 projects, all from different African countries. African Eyes will nurture African filmmakers and their projects from treatment stage to post production, and even online as these filmmakers focus on finding their own authentic “indigenous” voice.

A video pitch, and call for applications is available on the website: This site will soon become the home for the exchange of ideas and initial collaboration between the countries filmmakers who will then be brought together by the Foundations’ funding efforts, to further develop and fined synergies between their respective parts of the series, before planning to shoot this pioneering venture, driven by African broadcasters, but aided by their European counterparts.


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