Double Life with Dr. Roy (Wildlife / Documentary Series 2014/15)

“Every animal deserves kindness.”

EVER FANTASIZED about a double life? Slipping out of your regular job into your superhero identity? Welcome to the world of Dr Roy Aronson, veterinary surgeon extraordinaire and pet-advisor on a popular local TV show.

Dr Roy is that very nice vet just round the corner. Cannonball head, twinkly eyes, great grin – for a “favourite uncle”, look no farther. And he heals pets like no-one else can.
Then the Doc’s phone buzzes. Superhero time. People from the wilderness are calling. Urgent voices – pleading that an elephant, rhino, lion, hippo, giraffe (name any African giant) needs surgery now. So put on your bush-boots. Soar to the rescue. For Dr Roy, it’s all in a day’s work.

DOUBLE LIFE WITH DR ROY immerses us in the Doc’s twin worlds. Each episode cuts dynamically between a WILD STORY, featuring Dr Roy’s unprecedented surgical work with wild patients (like Mehlwane, an alpha-lioness whose cubs will starve if she doesn’t get eye-surgery)… and a DOMESTIC STORY, with life-or-death stakes for the Doc’s pet clientele (like Catkin, whose death from liver failure is “inevitable”. Can Dr Roy’s last resort – a human homeopathic remedy – bring this beautiful tabby back from the brink?)

Shot in superb locations, from scenic Cape Town (where Dr Roy bases his practice) to “Big Five” territory around the Kruger Park…
… with a cast including Dr Roy’s wife and colleague Kathy Aronson, his sangoma (shaman) partner, a barefoot snake-handler, sensitive lion-wrangler, and many other crazy-passionate characters…
… DOUBLE LIFE WITH DR ROY brings double inspiration: double careers are fun – and giving your patients a “double chance” at life is even better.

Executive Producer: Marc Schwinges


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