SABC Education Proudly SA Filler - Tomorrow Starts Now(2010)

This 3 minute filler was just produced by Underdog and the Rocket Scientists for SABC Education Youth Strand. It was produced in mid May 2010, just before the World Cup took place and was designed to promote young people who were destined to grow as a result of the World Cup.

It was shot in a single day at Ellis Park on a tight budget, in just half a day! The project was only approved late in April, so time was tight to get clearance for and shoot at a Wold Cup stadium just before the handover. The young people give the message that: Tomorrow Stats Now! The young heros featured here are: David Jenkins - Maskandi Artist, Constable Ntsoaki Phali from the Mounted Police Unit, Tebogo Temana - FIFA Volunteer IT&T and Xolani Mngomezulu a Tour Guide.

3 minutes Director: Fanney Tsimong


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